What we do

Every business is unique...


With direct mail, no two campaigns are exactly alike. For direct mail to be successful, it must begin with an effective strategy. Who are you targeting? What's your message? What are you offering? With what frequency do you need to mail?


With some businesses, the emphasis is on mailing to current customers and others rely on "farming" new territories. We can work with your existing mailing list or build a list based on area demographics. If targeting specific neighborhoods is critical to your business, we partner with Flyer4Hire and can deliver to hundreds of neighborhoods in Charlotte, Concord and Lake Norman.


While the bulk of our clients' direct mail is in the form of oversized postcards, we can also produce other forms of collateral such as newsletters or flyers. We will get to know your business and suggest efficient ways to capitalize on low cost printing for your main piece, while versioning out special pieces as needed. We provide advice on what areas or demographics are best for your business, along with what frequency you need to hit to maintain a presence.


We work to brand each of our clients uniquely and position you to stand out from your competion. With Message in a Mailbox, it's all about strategic marketing - you work with someone with over 20 years of experience, not a 20-year-old graphic designer in the back of a mail house!


Whether you are currently dependent on direct mail or just getting started, we'll develop a plan that works best for your objectives and budget.


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