Discover this simple way to take your marketing to new levels by using these 10 proven words...

April 17, 2014

"Save this free tip and discover this simple way to take your marketing to new levels by using the 10 proven words that will give you guaranteed results today!"


Ok, a bit overkill with that longer headline, but it incorporates our ten power marketing words that are proven to affect consumer thought and behavior.


Marketing experts generally agree with most of these, though we sometimes see the addition of the words love and safe in some top ten lists.


1) New

People love innovation and feeling like they're the first in line for something new.

2) Save

We all want to save money, time, effort, etc. These are all powerful benefits you can offer consumers.

3) Proven

Something that's proven or tested makes consumers feel confident about what you are selling.

4) Discover

Who doesn't love that lightbulb moment where we find something that will help us or improve our lives?

5) Guarantee

This word is even stronger than proven, as it implies a money-back policy if consumers are not satisfied.

6) Now/instant

Consumers like a quick fix or a promise that they will be immediately satisfied.

7) Results

Whether we're joining a gym with the goal of losing weight, or hiring a realtor to list our home -- we all want one thing. Results.

8) Simple/easy

If you're joining a gym, you want an exercise program that's simple to follow, right? Consumers don't want something that requires too much effort. Words like simple and easy are both attractive.

9) Free

Whether it's free advice, a free drink, a free quote, etc., consumers like the offer of something for nothing.

10) You

Perhaps the most powerful of all is the use of the word you in order to speak directly to consumers and identify with them on a personal level.


Now, obviously we were just playing around in our crazy headline attempting to use all the power words at once -- we do not recommend the use of all of these in your direct marketing copy at once! However, we do suggest that you be mindful of the power of words, and pepper in one or two words in your marketing copy. This is free advice, proven to give you guaranteed results!

(Couldn't help ourselves...)


If you'd like to see a great video that illustrates how tweaking a few words can make all the difference, click here!






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