Direct mail volume: Does more always win? The answer may surprise you...

April 18, 2014

Pop quiz: who will have better results? Someone who sends out 100,000 direct mail pieces each year or someone who sends out just 24,000?That depends. Most clients gasp when we tell them this, but the answer might not be the person sending out more volume.


If the person who sent out 100,000 postcards did a mass mailing to an entire region just once – or even twice a year (at 50,000 each mailing), that person will most likely be disappointed with the results. In direct mail, the most important factor is consistency and repetition. The one hit wonders don’t make a lasting impression over time. Consumers see their postcard, and then that person or business is out of sight and out of mind if they aren’t keeping up with the repetition factor. Those people and businesses that understand this key principle can benefit from sending less direct mail, but with more frequency.If you sent 2,000 pieces each month for 12 months straight, you will have created a significant brand presence with those 2,000 people, while the one-hit wonder who canvassed a larger area hasn’t established any brand recognition because there was no repetition.


We always encourage our clients to start small. Starting small doesn’t have to equate to less results. You can “own” a territory of just 500-1000 homes and be more successful than your larger competitors in that area if you have them beat on repetition. Many businesses dilute their efforts by hitting wider targets with less frequency – and this is where opportunities exist for smaller businesses.


The next time you’re planning a direct mail campaign, don’t try to over reach if your budget can’t afford the required consistency. Start small. Expand over time as your results begin paying off on time. Like with many things, slow but STEADY will win the race!

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